Radiance Protection Mist
Radiance Protection Mist
Radiance Protection Mist
Radiance Protection Mist

Radiance Protection Mist


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$180.00 /100ml

✓ Protection against blue light and urban pollution
✓ Moisture boost & maximum radiance
✓ Enhances the effectiveness of other skincare products
✓ Provides moisture instead of drying out thanks to hyaluronic acid

Innovative face mist for hyper hydration & protection.



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This fragrance-free face mist is something that accompanies you all day long. Whether your are looking for an extra boost of hydration & glow, protection against urban pollution & blue light, to illuminate your makeup or simply a refreshment : the Radiance Protection Mist got you covered. And there is an extra bonus: used between your different skincare steps, it will maximizes the efficiency of your skincare products. Due to the face mist and the moistened skin, the ingredients are better absorbed, especially hyaluronic acid or vitamin c.

Key benefits + skin concerns


How to use

Mist throughout the day and before exposure to blue light devices. Can be used in between your skincare steps as well to moisten the skin and boost the effency of your other products


liquid, watery

Skin Feels

hydrated, glowy, balanced